Swell, by Mateusz Sarello, the story of a failure !

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It is never easy to begin a book review, I could have posted some pictures, and just have said : this book is great, but it is not the way I have choosen and I must find some arguments to support my thoughts.

Well, shall I start by telling you that I was raised beside the sea, and the ocean was a kind of playground for me. This is probably why the sea has always exerted an attraction for me. But enough with my own story. Mateusz Sarello is a Polish photographer, born in Warsaw in 1978. He recently published « Swell », a beautiful handmade hardcover book in an edition of 350 copies. The book size is around 17 x 20 cm, 88 pages and 42 photos. Here are the facts.


The reason why I like this book is that it tells us the story of a failure and, with a high…

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