sobrecogida por la emoción , hoy el cartero ha llamado 3 veces !

Dejame volar. David Catá. Cuaderno de La Kursala n°47

The Path of Million Pens. Miki Hasegawa. Self published

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Pomodori a Grappolo. John Gossage/ Marlene Klein. Radius Books

“Somos efímeros como el viento y volamos como él. Desaparecemos dejando una huella, una semilla, un ápice de vida que nos mantiene vivos en la memoria.

En un suspiro frustrado intento dejarte volar, intento dejarte marchar, pero vuelves a mí en forma de dolor por la imposibilidad de un pasado irrepetible.”David Catá


Miki Hasegawa, en un libro artesanal de una finura exquisita , cuenta su historia personal.”This family history was a proof of my existence”


John Gossage, una nueva publicación en 3 tomos.Fotos sacadas en Italia.

“pomodori a grappolo is a set of three interconnected books by photographer and bookmaker John Gossage. Each book gathers images made in Northern Italy and Sardinia between 2009 and 2011, and each includes a short text by Marlene Klein. The written pieces—two stories and one epilogue—have been created in response to Gossage’s pictures, and reflect the 30 years that Klein has spent living and working in Venice.

An unexpected approach runs through all the details of the books, from the way elements repeat—or don’t, to the choice of materials and color. Since these three books are each a different trim size but include photos that are reproduced at the exact same size, the collective project functions as a study of the way that ink on paper can inform perception. The resulting objects are classic Gossage—clever, unique, and engrossing.” Radius Books

Viva John Gossage , y viva Italia !


Et vive le Tipi d’Andrea Copetti pour ses emballages poèmes , si précieux !