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AF. Omnivore. 2014 .

(scroll down for spanish).

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Soft cover, with 2 foldouts. Color and black and white. 24×17 cm. 48 pages.

Print 200. + 40 not for sale. 125/200. Stamped. Self published. Each copy unique, with different picture at random.

Omnivore is the name of a group of  9 photographers from Murcia, Spain.

Agus Bres, Blanca Galindo, Gustavo Aleman, Julian Garnés, Pascual Martinez, Miriam Mora, Carmen Vidal, Vicente Saez, David Simon Martret.

AF is their first project and publication.It is about a small place in the south, Cobaticas,  and about the authors’ personal vision . A statement and a beginning, a place to build, a possibility. A promise.

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A rough territory, an isolated place in which to create. Fragments of life trying to make sense with the reality of the land.

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Murcia seems lately to have become one of the hottest places in Spanish photography, with a nice fair being organized last month with success, Alibaba Festival .

Gustavo Aleman, one of the members of the group, has published ” (No) soy de aqui” (2013). He is also the editor of Fuego Books, with which he has published “Country Fictions” by Juan Aballe. And soon a new book…

AF has been nomitaded for Photo España 2015 .

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tapa blanda, desplegable. Color y blanco y negro. 24×17 cm. 48 paginas.

Tirada 200, +40 no a la venta. 125/200. Sellado. Auto publicado. Cada copia única, con una fotografía escogida al azar por los autores.

Omnivore es un colectivo de 9 fotógrafos de la region de Murcia, con un territorio en común, y una misma pasión por la fotografía .

AF es su primera publicación. Una vision plural y personal a la vez de una realidad diversa y fragmentada. De como cada uno de los autores ( o cada uno de nosotros…) vive y se integra en ese territorio, y transmite esa vision.

Viva Murcia !

El libro esta seleccionado en Photo España 2015.