6 de septiembre 2015. Sunday, life goes on as usual…



IMG_8425 IMG_8426 IMG_8427 IMG_8428 IMG_8429 IMG_8430 IMG_8431 IMG_8432 IMG_8433 IMG_8434 IMG_8435 IMG_8436 IMG_8437 IMG_8438 IMG_8439 IMG_8440 IMG_8441

Go No Go. Ad van Denderen.

2003, Amsterdam.

Actes Sud, Paris and Editions Braus, Heidelberg.


So blue So blue, Edges of the Mediterranean. Ad van Denderen.

2008 Steidl Mack.

IMG_8443 IMG_8444 IMG_8445 IMG_8446 IMG_8447 IMG_8448

Duo. Sobre la Frontera Sur. Gianfranco Tripodo/ Guillermo Abril.

Duo numero#4. Publicado el 1 de septiembre de 2015. Tirada 500.


“…i’ve heard newborn babies wailin’ like a mourning dove, and old men with broken teeth stranded without love,

do i understand your question, man? is it hopeless and forlorn?

come in, she said. I’ll give you shelter from the storm”… Bob Dylan


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