14 de octubre 2015, World PhotoBook Day !

Back home, and more books…

Today is World PhotoBook Day, 14 of october , anniversary of the first known photo book, Anna Atkins’s Photographs of British Algae. A day to celebrate!

Which book to choose for today? There are so many…We all have a favorite one, a secret love we may not wish to share, or on the contrary, want to show to everybody, so proud to have…

And maybe this book is just the one we don’t have, but long for, unreachable.

A book of love, or lack of it. Intimate or universal, black and white or with shiny colors, delicate or violent. About war or time for peace. About protest, or the weather forecast, about the clouds and the stars.  A burning one. About longing, about loss mainly, surely…

So…which one is my favorite book? Good question, and no easy answer…

These are just for today. Too many.

IMG_9304 IMG_9637 IMG_9619IMG_9610 IMG_9627 IMG_9621 IMG_9622 IMG_9623 IMG_9634 IMG_9633 IMG_9632 IMG_9631 IMG_9630 IMG_9628 IMG_9626 IMG_9625 IMG_9635 IMG_9639 IMG_9636 IMG_9638 IMG_9629IMG_9640IMG_9620IMG_9641

IMG_9642 IMG_9643

Not a best of the year list, and maybe i’m a little bit too sentimental…

Please, tell me which ones are yours ! Let us share, and happy PhotoBookDay for everybody !!!

Christian Patterson, Bottom of the Lake. Koenig.

David Jimenez, Infinito. Self edited.

Ad van Denderen, Go no go. Edition Braus.

Vitas Luckus, Works.Lithuanian Art Museum.

Wolfgang Tillmans, Freedom from the Known. Steidl/ P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center New York.

Stephen Gill, Coexistence.Nobody Books

Trent Parke, Minutes to Midnight. Steidl.

Alec Soth, Broken Manual. Steidl. ( never released as trade edition )

Marc Steinmetz, Summertime. Nazraeli.

Salvi Danés, Transmontanus. Ediciones Anómalas/ Editions Filigranes.

Tiane Doan na Champassak, The Father of Pop Dance. Self edited.

Daisuke Yokota, Immerse. Akina Books.

Miki Hasegawa, The Path of Million Pens

David Hockney, Cameraworks. Thames & Hudson.

John Gossage, There and Gone. Nazraeli.

Elisabeth Tonnard, Oceanus, In this dark wood. Self edited.

Yoshikatsu Fujii, Red String. Self edited.

Lu Lantana, Just the way you are. Desafuero Editorial.

Juan Santos, Me acuerdo. Phree.

Daido Moriyama, Dazai.

Elina Brotherus, Artist and her model. Le Caillou Bleu.

Eric Stephanian, Lucas. Self edited.

Katrien de Blauwer, Silently into the night. Avarie.

Bernard Faucon, Chambres d’amour. William Blake and Co.

Jon Cazenave, Ama Lur. Dalpine.

Rinko Kawauchi, Cui Cui. Foil.



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