7 de diciembre 2015.Listas …

One, two, three !!!


Emotional list

Révélations. Javier Viver. RM. http://www.javierviver.com

I and Thou. Mi-Yeon. Self-edited. http://mi-yeon.jp/works/

Atem. Massimiliano Tommasso Rezza. YardPress. http://www.yardpress.it/atem/

Ama Lur. Jon Cazenave. Dalpine. http://joncazenave.com/work/

Taratine. Daisuke Yokota. Session Press. And Immerse. Akina . And the Scrap, and Cell, and … http://www.sessionpress.com/books/session-07

Yu. The lost country. Dragana Jurisic. Self-edited. http://www.draganajurisic.com

Missing buildings. Thom and Beth Atkinson. Hwaet Press. http://www.hwaetbooks.com/the-work/

Mädchen. Diana Scherer. Van Zoetendaal Publishers. http://dianascherer.nl/category/books/

This must be the place. Bärbel Praun. Self-edited. http://baerbelpraun.de

Morning Anxiety. Lu Lantana. Self-edited. http://lucrezialantana.com/artist-books/morning-anxiety/

Dear Japanese. Miyuki Okuyama. Self-edited. http://www.miyukiokuyama.com/projects

No Photo. Tiane Doan Na Champassak. Self-edited. http://www.champassak.com/en/portfolio-14911-0-40-no-photos.html

L’Intérieur de la Nuit. George Shiras. Editions Xavier Barral. http://exb.fr/en/catalogue/247-in-the-heart-of-the-dark-night.html

Blackcelona. Salvi Danés. Dalpine. http://www.dalpine.com/en/book/blackcelona

Up around the Bend. Christian Lagata. Fuego Books. http://www.fuegobooks.com/product/up-around-the-bend

In Search of Lost Memories. Hajime Kimura. Self-edited. http://hajimekimura.tumblr.com

Devotos. Toni Amengual. Self-edited. (see headache ) http://www.toniamengual.com/product/devotos-book/

Unfinished Father. Erik Kessels. RVB Books. ( or headache ) http://www.rvb-books.com/book.php?id_book=91

Life is Elsewhere. Sohrab Hura. Self-edited. http://www.magnumphotos.com/C.aspx?VP3=CMS3&VF=MAGO31_10_VForm&ERID=24PV7C0X4S

No tocar. Dani Garcia Valero. Self-edited. ( emotional, definitely) http://www.danielgvalero.com/index.php


More headache list

Atem (see emotional)

Henry, my neighbor. Mariken Wessels. APE. http://www.marikenwessels.nl/control/PagesHandler.php?page_id=6&entry_id=182

Erasure. Fazal Sheikh. Steidl. http://www.fazalsheikh.org/projects/the_erasure_triology/description.php

Blackcelona. (see emotional)

Battlefields. Jos Jansen. Eriskay Connections. http://josjansenphotography.com/index.php?/portfolio/battlefields/

Albumas. Gytis Skudzinkas. Nerutina. http://www.gys.lt/en/info/publications.html

The Prophet. Geert Goiris. Roma. http://www.geertgoiris.info/index.php?album=p

Kristall ohne Liebe. Alexander Binder. Tangerine Graphic Arts. http://www.alexanderbinder.de

History repeats badly. Inge Morath, Danube Revisited. Fishbar. (and emotional) http://danuberevisited.com

Anecdotal. David Fathi. MariaInc. http://www.davidfathi.com/anecdotalbook.php

Bottom of the Lake. Christian Patterson. Koenig Books. http://www.christianpatterson.com/books/

The Silent Histories. Kazuma Obara ( headache because 2° edition…) http://kazumaobara.com/2014/07/handmade-photobook-silent-histories-pre-order-now.html

You haven’t seen their faces. Daniel Mayrit. Riot Books. http://www.danielmayrit.com

Devotos. ( see emotional)

Teleplay, Part 1. Catharine Maloney. Skinnerboox. http://www.skinnerboox.com/boox/teleplay/

Wishlist .

Río. Andrés Medina. http://www.andresmedina.com/portfolio/rio/

Habeas Corpus. Annakarin Quinto. http://akqakakali.tumblr.com/post/131147791167/habeas-corpus

Anything by Daisuke Yokota…

Anything by Raymond Meeks…

Anything from Reminders Project…

Any book from Juanan Requena.

I could go on and on… Do your own !

Thank you !!!


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26 de mayo 2015. History travels badly.


History travels badly. Danube revisited.Inge Morath.



El viaje es el camino, cada día un libro nuevo, otro descubrimiento, mas aprendizaje… A menudo el viaje es encuentro, y compartir. La mayor parte del tiempo el viaje es interior. De vez en cuando, haces una pausa, descansar, coger aire. Y volver a andar.

El viaje de hoy nos lleva por el borde del Danubio, y por lo que hemos oído , y presentimos, ha sido un recorrido de amistad y generosidad, con todo lo tortuoso que puede ser el camino. Una experiencia vital y fotográfica.


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Algunos viajes duran semanas, otros son solo un instante.Puede ser largo y tortuoso, pero siempre vale la pena.

“It’s not really a story, they are bits of notes written each night at the table in a motel room that always was different and always looked the same.”

“There is no landscape, grey rain hides everything, steam thrown back by the hot earth. Careful not to fall asleep, careful.”                                                                Inge Morath.

History travels badly. Inge Morath. 2015. Fishbar, on behalf of Danube revisited: The Inge Morath Truck project.

© Inge Morath Foundation/ Magnum Photos for all images and texts.

Edited and designed by Olivia Arthur and Lurdes R. Basolí.

Edition of 500. Prepress: La Troupe. 22×17 cm. 55 paginas. Tapa blanda.Blanco y negro. Textos en inglés.

Editorial consultant: Gonzalo Golpe.

Design consultant: Melanie Mues.

gracias, Lurdes Basolí.